Manufacturing and Assembly

Bigston Manufacturing Corporation specializes in manufacturing and assembly. Our specialty is complex electronics.

BMC Case Study


Electronic signs for subway cars to show station and other information. These signs are state-of-the-art LCD,LED and WiFi-enabled for car-to-car communication.


Public transportation products are strictly regulated during manufacture due to potential life-safety concerns. As an assembly supplier, BMC needed to pass strict process audits from both the primary supplier and the transportation authority in order to qualify as a vendor.

Audit items included incoming parts quality assurance procedures, process controls and component traceability. In addition, there were extensive testing and testing documentation requirements including electrical testing, heat and cooling chamber testing and dimensioning.

In addition, each shipment was subject to inspection prior to shipment.


BMC met all requirements and was awarded the five-year contract to produce the signage. The contract was completed on time and on-budget meeting all quality requirements.

Bigston Manufacturing Corp BMC

Bigston Manufacturing Corp BMC

Bigston Manufacturing Corp BMC